Wedding Underwear and Bridal Lingerie
Choosing the right Wedding Day underwear

Most brides spend months tracking down the perfect wedding dress only to buy their wedding day underwear almost as an afterthought. It's well worth investing a little time in your research - the right wedding underwear can flatter, flatten, boost or minimise your shape.

Getting married is a great excuse to indulge yourself (and your partner!) with some luxurious bridal lingerie, but don't get too carried away. Certainly it has to look good but, more importantly, it has to work for you. You want to feel comfortable and not have to spend the day worrying whether your guests can see your panty line or that your bra straps are showing.

As soon as you've decided on your wedding dress you should start looking for suitable wedding day lingerie. Ideally get yourself professionally measured (or use our Size Guide) to make sure you're buying the right size. A good-fitting bridal bra should sit in a level line round your bust and back all day long. If it rides up at the back it's too big for you, if you're spilling out, or the straps are digging in to you, it's too small.

Colour and material are also crucial. Flowery patterns may look good in the shop but they can show through your wedding dress, and even white lingerie may be too obvious. Nude-coloured underwear is often the best option as it becomes invisible once you're dressed. Smooth seam free fabrics will show less - you want guests to be stunned by your dress not your lingerie!

And if you're not exactly delighted with your shape, a shrewd choice of underwear can get you close to that hourglass figure that we all crave. If you've got a smallish bust, a padded, underwired or push-up bra will give you a cleavage, whilst gel-filled breast enhancers can give you the effect of surgery without the cost or the pain! At the opposite end of the scale, a minimiser bra can take an inch off your bust if that’s what you want. Big knickers aren't glamorous in the bedroom but many of them do have panels to trim your tummy, hips and bottom.

If your wedding dress is off-the-shoulder or strapless, you'll need a strapless bra or corset, while a dress with a low back looks best with a multiway bra with adjustable straps. Alternatively, for something completely different you might want to try stick-on cups that will give you seemingly invisible support. 

If you choose the right wedding day underwear the effect will be stunning and will live forever in your memory!