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Advice on buying the right Bridal Lingerie for your Wedding Dress

Forget finding the right sexy bridal lingerie to seduce your groom you can always change into that on your wedding night! On your wedding day, it's important that you wear practical, well-fitted underwear that will flatter your body in all the right places and create the perfect silhouette in your wedding dress.

Here are a few tips.

1) Backless dress

A backless dress looks feminine and elegant, but is the most challenging in terms of lingerie.

  • Do experiment with different styles of bridal bra to see what you feel most comfortable in. Most important of all make sure the bra is completely invisible
  • Don’t have bra straps on show.

Top three underwear tricks

A strapless corset or basque is the ideal solution

A longline backless bra will give great support

High waist control briefs will ensure your dress fits your curves perfectly

2) Fishtail dress

A fishtail wedding dress is the perfect choice for showing off your feminine curves and flatters most figures.

  • Do enhance your shape in supportive underwear such as control panties.
  • Don’t choose poor fitting lingerie. This style of dress is really figure hugging and so there's no room for underwear lumps and bumps.

Top three underwear tricks

A seamless moulded cup bra will give you a full cleavage

Wear a basque or bridal corset for a natural shape

Bridal shorts will keep everything pert and sexy

3) Sleeved dress

A dress with sleeves gives you a great choice when it comes to choosing your bridal your lingerie.

  • Do go for anything you feel comfortable in
  • Don’t wear visible bra straps if your dress has see through sleeves

Top three underwear tricks

A figure hugging body slip will keep everything under control!

A strapless bra will solve the sheer sleeves dilemma

Bottom-lift control briefs will bring both comfort and a pert bottom!

4) Dresses with thin straps, full skirt

A wedding dress with straps and a full skirt gives you a fantastic choice of bridal lingerie to choose from.

  • Do go for smooth lined seamless lingerie to prevent showing any seams or material through your dress.
  • Don’t choose a lace bra and panty set because even if it doesn't show through, it will be highly uncomfortable.

Top three underwear tricks

A push-up bra is the best way to boost your cleavage

Wear a white body suit for a smoother shape

Control Briefs will hide any imperfections

5) Halterneck dress

An increasingly popular style for a wedding dress is the halterneck Dress.

  • Do go for the sensible option of a strapless bra, corset or, for extra support, a halterneck bra.
  • Don’t forget to ensure the lines of your dress match the lines of your underwear

Top three underwear tricks

A bustier is great for comfort and support

A waist shaper will give you a trim waist and classical posture

Dare to bare in a sexy and practical bridal thong

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