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An explaination of the different types of bra.

Here is a short summary explaining what is meant by these well known Bra descriptions.


Balcony or Half Cup Bra

The design of this style of bra provides a wonderful curvy shape and will give you a more enhanced cleavage and looks incredibly sexy. Not recommended if you have a bust size over a D cup. (UK size)

Wired Bra

An under wired bra will support you and give you a smooth line whilst still holding your breasts within the cups.

Full Cup Bra

This type of bra is usually recommended for women with fuller bust, for example for anyone with a DD cup (UK size) upwards this is the ideal bra for you.

Padded Plunge or Push Up Bra

A padded plunge bra (also known as a Push Up Bra) is generally worn with a low neck line. This underwired ‘balcony bra’ will push the bust up to give a beautiful cleavage. Hence it also known as a Balcony Bra.

Strapless Bra

As its name suggests even though a strapless bra will usually have removable straps, it is generally worn without straps. So if you are wearing an off the shoulder wedding dress this type of bra or a strapless corset would be perfect for you.