Bridal Underwear and Wedding Lingerie
Choosing your sexy Bridal underwear

Wedding outfits always need great Bridal underwear to look absolutely right. And just like your wedding dress your bridal underwear is a one off purchase.

Historically the phrase ‘Bridal Underwear’ comes from the French ‘trousseaux’ meaning bundle and describes the collection of clothing and linens that a bride would assemble for her marriage. Of course the modern day bride might put together her ‘trousseau’ rather differently, depending largely on the selection available in her local lingerie shop or favourite online retailer. But whatever you decide bridal underwear is a significant part of your wedding day.

Here at Naughty Nuptials we recommend that every bride should choose her underwear before she has the first dress-fitting so that it can be measured around her underwear. 

In addition to giving you that so important figure bridal underwear is often more sexy than everyday underwear. Many brides think of their wedding day as an opportunity to wear more traditional style of underwear such as a bridal basque or a sexy suspender belt and a garter. Modern fabrics and styles have ensured that what was once a cumbersome first layer is now lightweight, comfortable and sexy!

The old saying goes - If you want to know a woman, have a look in her underwear drawer. Never is this more true than on your wedding night!