Bracli Pearl Thongs
Bracli Pearl Thongs

Bracli Pearl Thongs

Bracli Pearl Thongs & Lingerie

Bracli catapulted to fame with its iconic and worldwide-patented Bracli Pearl Thong. It was already enjoying a fair amount of commercial success in Spain ever since its launch in 1999, but only started on its meteoric rise to fame when it was featured in US magazine Playboy and then in an episode of ‘Sex and The City’ in August 2002. That episode immortalized the Bracli Pearl Thong as an absolute ‘must have’ item in any lingerie connoisseur's collection.

Fashion designer Luis Alvarez created the Bracli Pearl Thong and subsequently went on to launch the product, looking to market his unique design to the women of the world.

If you’re wondering what Bracli means, you should know that it’s a play on words that is both cute and sexy! “Braga” means panties in Spanish, and “cli” is short for clitoris.

Handmade in Spain the pearls are attched across the bottom of the thong which gently massages the genital area. 

There is no other sexy wedding lingerie like the Bracli. The Bracli Pearl Thong is not just a piece of lingerie but is an original creation, specially designed to enhance the sensuality, elegance and beauty of a woman.

Bracli Pearl Thongs for the ultimate in sexy bridal lingerie.
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A Capricho ThongA Capricho Pearl Thong from Bracli.With movable pearl rings that can be adjusted for greater comfort and shape.
Classic Pearl ThongClassic Pearl Thong from Bracli.In Black, White or Ivory.
Ebony Night ThongEbony Night Pearl Thong from Bracli in Black or Red lace with Black pearls.
Fantasy Pearl ThongFantasy Pearl Thong from Bracli.In Blue or Pink with matching pearls.
Pearl Bego's TopBego's Pearl Bandeau Top from Bracli with a double strand of pearls in a bandeau design.
Pearl Body ThongPearl Body Thong from Bracli. In Black, Red, Pink, Blue, White or Ivory.
Pearl Bracli TopPearl Bandeau Bra Top from Bracli with pearl halterneck fastening. In Black, Red, Pink, Blue, White or Ivory.
Perlseo Thong for MenPerlseo Pearl Thong for men from Bracli.
Picaro's Pearl BabydollPicaro's Pearl Babydoll from Bracli in a Bandeau style.
Pico's ThongPico's Pearl Thong from Bracli with a peak front and back.
Satin Pearl BabydollSatin Pearl Babydoll from Bracli in Red or Black.
Tonga Pearl ThongTonga Pearl Thong from Bracli. Reversible with a Classic front and peak at the back.
Your Night Body ThongBody Your Night Pearl Thong from from Bracli with a double strand of pearls. In Black, Red, Pink, Blue, White or Ivory.
Your Night Pearl ThongYour Night Pearl Thong from Bracli. With two strands of pearls. In Black, White or Ivory.